Monday, May 18, 2009

[TV Thoughts] '24' season finale (SPOILERS)

Right around the time that season 3 of Fox's "24" ended, I became hooked. One summer back in highschool I watched 4 seasons' worth of DVDs with my best friend, often devoting 6-7 hours a day to the trials and tribulations of one Jack Bauer. I kept this going strong through five seasons, but the sixth almost ruined it for me. Whatever it was about that season, it turned me off from the series and I almost wasn't going to watch season 7.

I'm glad I did though. This isn't the strongest season by far, but it is a noticeable improvement from last season, and managed to surprise me well after I thought I had figured out every possible twist.

That brings us to tonight -- what did you think? I thought that the episode ended rather abruptly. One could applaud the subtleness that the writers employed; hinting at the ending rather than spelling it out for us. Jack will be saved by Kim; Renee will torture Wilson for answers. But I thought it could have used a little more solid of an ending than they gave us.

Also, I would have bet my life savings that Tony would not be breathing at the end of this season, but somehow he survived. Thoughts?

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