Monday, May 18, 2009

Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca

I had never really listened to Dirty Projectors before 2009. When the Dark Was the Night compilation came out, I really dug their track with David Byrne, and caught wind of all the pre-release hype for Bitte Orca. A couple weeks later, and I'm sold.

Bitte Orca
is a masterpiece. There are a few hiccups; the closing tracks, "Remade Horizon" and "Florescent Half Dome" are the ones that still have yet to grab me, but I'm sold on the rest. The song structures are just so unique to this band. I can't imagine sitting down and writing a song like "Temecula Sunrise," I'd love to learn more about lead singer/songwriter Dave Longstreth's writing process.

Anyways, here's a track. Hope you enjoy. The album is officially released on June 9, this is definitely worth buying.

MP3: Stillness is the Move

Pre-order the album
(on CASSETTE, vinyl, or CD)

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