Wednesday, June 3, 2009

[NEWS] Update on Major Organ and the Adding Machine

Thanks to Pitchfork for this -- they just posted an updated story on the long-awaited release of the Major Organ and the Adding Machine DVD, now set to come out early this fall. It features Elephant Six heavyweights like NMH's Jeff Mangum (yeah, Jeff Mangum) and Julian Koster, of Montreal's Kevin Barnes and OTC/Circulatory System's Will Hart.

Official trailer:

The CD will also see a re-release with seven unreleased tracks. If nothing else, you have to be excited about an album/movie that has both Jeff Mangum and Kevin Barnes on it, two of my biggest musical heroes. While it leans a bit on the whimsical/experimental side of E6, the album is still one of my favorite of the E6 outputs, it's worth checking out.

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