Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Coldplay blogs about new album

Yeah, yeah, I know. You, my average Come On Chemicals reader, probably aren't the biggest Coldplay fan, rabid and eager to hear any new news of the 'Play (yeah, I did). Viva La Vida won me back a little bit, but I'm still bitter. But I saw that they put up a long blog about the new recordings, and there were some interesting tidbits. They're teaming up with Brian Eno again, which clearly can't hurt. I found these parts interesting:

"Regular readers will remember that whilst we were in Miami a couple of months ago, Chris spent some time in a studio putting down new song ideas. Well, for the past couple of weeks, the fellas and Brian Eno have been working their way through these sketches.

When I say "the fellas", there is one person notably absent from these sessions. Chris has been banned from the studio for these first two weeks. Now, before the rumour mill cranks its way excitedly into life, this does not indicate any kind of split in the camp. This is an experiment of Brian's (a phrase I feel I may have a hard time not over-using as the project progresses). Rather than have Chris's demo recordings come in fully-formed, leading the songs in a particular direction, Will, Guy and Jonny are constructing their own musical underpinning with little idea of what Chris had in mind. For many of the tracks, they hear nothing but the vocal track."

I like this kind of experimentation, so who knows, maybe something good will come out of it. But, let's get real here, it probably won't.

Read more at their website.

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